PUBLIC VOICE Labnet.board 3.0

Guided Online Fora

net.board online:
Forum Bremen Horn-Lehe
Community Media Cluster Vienna

Simple design of taylored web-fora with following features:

Message boards
Chat rooms
Message rating
Up- & download of text-documents, graphics, audiofiles etc.
Closed workspaces for internal use (staff-use)
User-adminstration (online registration)
Anonymous access

Benefits for registered users:

Email addresses (with optional mailforwarding to existent account)
Online addressbook
Online calendar and meeting-maker

Admin-Interfaces provide:

Design and editing of
Topics of existing fora
Articles under existing topics
Comments on articles
Creation and editing of accounts at 5 security levels
Topic admin
Story (Article) admin
Submission admin
Extended admin

Simple content-management for additional sites

History log keeps information about submissions and modification of articles (date/user/action)
Access log keeps information about hits on particular articles

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