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Senior Online Market Validation

The Senior Online market validation is based on our experience that seniors often have difficulties to start using a PC and the Internet, though many would be interested to do so.

Within the Senior Online Market Validation we are testing and evaluating a business idea for a complete Internet package for beginners, that will provide all the necessary services and components to make the first steps into the Internet in an easy and cheerful way, even without prior PC knowledge. The market validation will be carried out in test markets in Italy and Austria.


Target user addressed

Presently, we can identify two types of markets, i.e. users:

  • Seniors themselves, aged 50 and upwards.
  • Their children and grandchildren as well as friends who might buy the Senior Online package as a present.

    The objectives of the project...

    ...refer to developing

  • A business plan for initial deployment in Italy and Austria, Germany, Sweden, England and Ireland; substantial negotiations with potential investors.
  • Suitable marketing strategies, distribution channels and package components.
  • A well defined target group that we shall focus on in the future - probably defined by age or even other characteristics such as family relationship.
  • A suitable price model for the package and additional plans for extending the variety of products of Senior Online.

    Please contact: Margit Lutowsky,

    TEN Telecom

    Senioren in Wien


    Omega Generation

    Rete Civica di Bologna

    Project Web Site:

    Online Community for Seniors in Austria:

    Online Community for Seniors in Italy:

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